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Robert A Cool formed Metropolitan Forestry Consultants in 1970 and, for the next 47 years, took on projects of all sizes in virtually all aspects of forestry. Working with a wide variety of employees, subcontractors, partners, and associates, MFC gave the best, up-to-date advice to all kinds of clients on all matters pertaining to trees, including: 

·       Christmas Tree Farm Management

·       Educational Programs

·       Expert Witness

·       Golf Course Management

·       Hazardous Tree Evaluation

·       Roadside Tree Hazards

·       Timber Sale Administration

·       Timber or Individual Tree Valuation

·       Urban Forestry Management

·       Street Tree Inventories

·       Hazardous Tree Evaluations

·       Tree Planting Recommendations

·       Maintenance Program Recommendations

·       Utility Line Clearance Programs

·       Woodlot Management Plans

·       Timber Production

·       Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

·       Governmental Forestation Programs

·       Recreation

·       Organizational Leadership

Bob Cool was recognized throughout Michigan and the nation for his expertise and professionalism in forestry.  With Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees from Michigan State, he worked for the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department for 23 years, rising to Manager of Field Services overseeing the City's trees, parks, golf courses, and cemeteries. Bob was a member of numerous national and international forestry and arboriculture associations – and a well-known leader in many of them – receiving numerous awards in return.  His timely helping hand promoted the lives and careers of many of his associates.  His personal and professional generosity has left many of us with fine memories.  A fervent Christmas tree grower, numerous memorial trees have been planted in his honor, including a young bur oak in a new park not far from his final resting place in his original home town of Webberville, Michigan.

Bob Cool

October 31, 1943 to July 22, 2017


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